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Nice review. If the Sidekick supported ActiveSync and all that goodness so I could use it with my work Exchange account I'd swap my current WinMo device without a second thought! My wife is probably going to upgrade at the weekend!

Shawn Coleman

In the interest of full disclosure, it is my first smartphone, my last phone was a razor,,and I am a huge apple fan (I went mac in January),but I absolutely love my phone. You have to have reasonable expectations of all these gizmos to not be dissapointed but I am writing this post outside of a library in very rural vermnont. . . Nuff said the UI is pretty slick especially If you use all of the finger pad options on your MacBook just about everything either translates or has an intuative equivalent, is it perfect? No, but it is awesome, my new favorite toy and has kept me relatively connected to the world outside of Weston, VT which Is no small feat, it also has one feature my razor couldn't manage . . . It reliably makes and receives phone calls! Highly recomended!

Laurie Zeller

Hey, this was a great post. I am wondering, though, if you spend much time in the mountains, particularly outside the I-70 corridor. Verizon seems to have a virtual monopoly on service outside of the major resort areas, and even then it's not so great. I have been presuming I couldn't go the the I-phone because of cingular's lack of coverage - have you heard something different, or does that not figure into your decision? Thanks!

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